Customer Experience (CX) Management Services
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Sonata GBW understands that just having satisfied customers is not enough anymore. In both cases of B2C or B2B customer experience strategy, we need a customer-centric approach to drive out customer delight. A delighted customer would further showcase their loyalty by being your brand’s advocates.

We help our clients with:

  • Customer experience consulting and strategy. Solutions and tools are designed for each stage of the customer journey that could be customized as per your need to enhance customer experience.
  • The unique intersection of ‘experience + technology’ through our CXe bespoke solutions in over 100+ global markets.
  • IP platforms like KODOHub, GDX platform, KODO-CX, evaluate app, etc. for capturing and reporting real-time data with multi-level dashboards.
  • Inhouse-developed systems, platforms, and frameworks with continuous improvement.
  • Dedicated Analytics that just not capture data but derive value and actionable insights.
  • Market-leading Quality Assurance process certified by highest ISO 9001 standards.

Customer Experience is the accumulation of impressions and interactions of a customer across the complete customer journey and focuses on the relationship between your business and customers. Now there is no doubt in customer being the heart of any business and with time the expectations of customers have increased quite substantially. It is imperative for organizations to cater to these expectations at all stages –

  • Awareness: when the customer gets to know about your brand and learns what problems you can solve for them.
  • Consideration: when the customer understands what is the solution to their problem and compares what you offer as a solution vs what they need.
  • Decision: when the customer makes up their mind and makes the buying decision.
  • Retention: when the relationship with existing customers’ needs to be nurtured.

For over 27+ years GBW has been a market leader in CX management. We have developed different sets of customer experience solutions mapped across the complete customer journey.

Customer Experience (CX) Management Services

Our CX offerings

  1. Mystery Shopping (Secret Shopping)

    Assess and measure the performance of your brand against your aspirational standards with our trained and tested set of certified mystery shoppers or evaluators. Capture data and generate reports to provide valuable insights to measure the quality of your customer service that would help to take actions to improve customer experience. Click here to know more >

  2. Brand and Compliance Audit

    Detailed assessment of any visual and operational component of an organization against pre-defined standards set by your organization. Our trained set of auditor panels conducts customer experience auditing, collects data, and generates reporting dashboards for actionable insights. Click here to know more >

  3. Evaluate - Self-Assessment Tool

    Analyzing the performance of your business in terms of operational execution, brand performance, frontline workforce engagement and performance, customer service, and feedback through a custom-designed self-assessment tool called evaluate. You can create your own customer experience surveys, distribute them to specific teams as per your requirement, capture data, and derive useful insights with our flexible reporting platforms. Click here to know more >

  4. Competitor Assessment

    Amidst so many available choices for your customers, it is imperative for you to understand your competitive landscape. With an omnichannel approach for both physical and digital comparison of competitors, we derive insights with the help of trained and certified customer experience evaluators panels. It helps in benchmarking against best practices and countering your competitors at the right opportunity. Click here to know more >

  5. Employee Engagement

    Your frontline employees drive your customer experience strategy, they can make or break your brand. It is important to make your team aligned to your strategy, to understand their aspirations and expectations, measure their satisfaction, and learn about their requirements or needs. With help of multiple technology solutions, we collect inputs from your team to maximize response rate and provide reports and actionable insights about the engagement levels of your team and further scope of improvement. Click here to know more >

  6. Voice of Customer (VOC)

    Customers being at the heart of any organization have the most important suggestions and preferences about their likes and aversions. Listening to the customers and utilizing their feedback helps in nurturing that relationship with them. It builds loyalty and trust which makes them advocates of your brand. We help in curating omnichannel programs that maximize the response across all the customer touchpoints with the help of analytical tools like customer experience surveys for feedback with help of software or apps. Click here to know more >

  7. Online Assessment

    We witnessed changes in recent years in consumer behavior with more digital aspects which was further amplified with the pandemic. It is now a necessity for an organization to assess its digital assets and presence to provide an enhanced omnichannel customer experience. Tools like online surveys, website analytics, Mobile feedback, real-time tracking, and alerting are part of our Online assessment offering which helps to proactively engage with your customers and improve customer experience. Click here to know more >

  8. Social Media Listening

    Know what your customers have to say about your brand across social media handles, google reviews, and other online forums, and manage responses in real-time in one unified dashboard. Discover the feeling of your audience toward your brand and campaigns with help of our sentiment analysis. Get data in real-time and take action in real-time to drive more people to your content. Click here to know more >

  9. Pulse Survey

    Measure the pulse of your audience in a quick and more frequent way to not lose any key opportunities in these constantly evolving market landscapes. Pulse Survey is a tool to collect feedback through shorter and quicker surveys on a regular interval basis. It helps you to react quickly by taking decisions based upon actionable insights to grow and strengthen your brand loyalty. It gives you insights about every large and small current issue your audience is facing which you might miss out on otherwise. Click here to know more >

Customer Experience (CX) Management Services

What makes us different?

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Experience is the aggregation of all the impressions and interactions of a customer across different touchpoints they had in the complete customer journey. It is the perception built by your customers when they experience your brand or business. Every small interaction matters. For example: Coming across an ad, browsing through a website, talking to a sales representative, paying a bill, or talking to customer care for after-sale service. The positive impact from all these interactions altogether makes a customer experience remarkable.

The different ways we can improve customer experience are:

  • Optimize your customer journey with a clear vision of your customer experience strategy.
  • Employees can make or break your brand. Build a team of engaging and empowering workforce. Understand their aspiration and align them with your brand goals. Value their inputs and ideas.
  • Build a customer-centric company culture. Understand your target audience and their personas by empathizing with them to understand their needs. Build a personalized relationship with them.
  • Focus on providing an omnichannel experience. With the shift to mobile devices and different communication channels, it is imperative to ensure consistency and minimal efforts across all the channels to enhance customer experience.
  • Incorporate the practice of capturing feedback in real-time with the help of live chatbots, surveys or polls, follow-up emails or calls, etc. Use more open text responses to understand the customer experience in their language and use technology to perform sentiment analysis.
  • Use data and analytics to understand different trends and use that to build a better customer experience strategy.

GBW is one of the best Customer Experience Transformation companies globally. We have 27+ years of experience in Customer Experience Management across 20+ industry sectors in 105+ different countries worldwide. We have 480,000+ trained and certified customer experience evaluators worldwide which helps in customization and localization of CX solutions as per client’s needs.

CX is an acronym that stands for Customer Experience. CX implies the perception or the opinions built by the customer throughout the relationship with the brands across different touchpoints throughout the buyer's journey. An exceptional CX will produce loyal customers, higher brand value, and increased revenue.

In today's era, just meeting customer expectations is not enough. We need to exceed those expectations and produce an exceptional customer experience to build strong brand value for your organization. A positive customer experience will benefit in the following ways:

  • Increases customer loyalty which further increases retention of customers also.
  • Helps in building brand loyalty as well as recall value of the brand among our target audiences.
  • Helps to differentiate yourself from the competitors. It gives you an advantage across your competitor landscape.
  • It builds you a channel of word-of-mouth marketing with the help of your loyal customers. These customers can become brand ambassadors and encourage brand advocacy.
  • The loyal customers will purchase again which will help to increase your bottom-line revenue.

CX is not a subjective concept. Thus, to understand if we are performing well there are different metrics to measure customer experience. These includes:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Net Promoter Score - measures loyalty score obtained from the closed-ended question like how likely will you recommend the product/service to someone.
  • Customer Effort Score - measures the experience with a product or service in terms of how ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’ it is for your customers to complete an action.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score - surveys with response to the question of customer satisfaction for a product or service.
  • Time to Resolution - the average time taken to resolve any issue raised by a customer.
  • Customer Churn Rate - measures the rate of repeat customers.
  • Customer Journey mapping and analytics – helps in analyzing, customer shopping experiences

Mostly Customer Experience and Customer Service are taken to be interchangeable, but they are not. Customer Service is just one touchpoint of the complete buyer's journey. It is just one of the facets of Customer Experience. It involves the interaction of a customer with employees before and after-sale through different channels like chat, calls, email, or face-to-face instances.

Customer Experience is a much broader concept in the customer journey. CX is not just about touchpoints but also emotions, opinions, reactions, and feelings of a customer in total throughout every stage and step of the customer journey.

Omnichannel Customer Experience is sum total of different touchpoints spread across variety of different kind of channels that are connected with each other. This enables your customers to begin their journey in one channel and further continue it on other channels as per their choice and need. It seamlessly allows customer experience to continue on another channel from where they left off in the previous channel.

It has a positive impact on the quality of customer interaction. Suppose a customer has send a detailed query over any social media channel and then connects with customer service representative on a call. Instead of wasting the time and energy of customer in making them repeat their query again, the representative could have information about the query ready with him before and then just start with focusing on the solutions he could offer. It helps in creating greater customer engagement and retention.

Sonata GBW is a global technology company specialising in customer experience CX measurement, platform-based digital transformation, supporting businesses to become connected, open, intelligent and scalable. It has presence across USA, Canada, EMEA and APAC regions. If you would like to know more on how we can help you, please fill out the business enquiry form below.